Club Mission

1)  Introduce young people to sport and activities so that they can make good use of their leisure time and improve their wellbeing.

2)  Provide an alternative place to go other than playing on the streets. Enable them realise their potential, develop confidence and understand the role of a responsible citizens.

3)  Ensure that young people age 5 – 19 and above can afford to use the facilities, particularly those from less privileged backgrounds. Increase sport skills of local young people and increase take-up of local clubs and new multi-sport venues.

4)  Increase the level of physical activity amongst the young in the borough, and as a consequence improve their health, wellbeing and quality of life.

5)  Improve community safety by reducing antisocial behaviour and crime through engaging significantly more young people in organised sport on a continuous basis thereby encouraging and supporting young people to develop a positive attitude and lifestyle.

6)  Raise educational achievement by increasing participation in sport and physical education and provide a comprehensive programme of vocational training.

7)  Contribute to community cohesion and community capacity building by providing young people with the greatest need, sports related vocational training. All players are given chances to take part in every aspect of the game e.g. coaching, coaching courses, umpire, umpiring courses, game analysing skills and several others that individual player might be interested in.

8)  Promote excellence and enjoyment through active senior players who act as role models for the younger players.

9)  Introduce racial harmony between the youths of London via sports and engage in family fun.

We believe that you have read and understood the mission and Rules of the Club before    joining. We have stressed the use of video-based analysis which have helped us over the period of the club's existence in winning tournaments and we hope to improve the facility as we progress.