It is your responsibility to read note on your subscription.

One - 2 - One coaching for all participants £30.00 per session one-

Here we use a combination of trainers at different sessions, working on multiple aspects of the game, Take the advantage now!  
Note that one-to-one coaching is at discounted rate to all, 

Equipment and Clothing

Please bring your own bats and balls to your session if you have them.  Bats are available for rental at £1 per session, but please note these are likely to be well used and basic!  Balls may be purchased for 50 pence each. 

You should bring comfortable non-marking court shoes or training shoes.  Upper clothing should be of a medium to dark colour (no white tops please), a cotton or technical dri-fit type fabric is recommended.  

Short and/or tracksuit bottoms should be worn on the lower half, no jeans please! 

Please also bring water or a suitable drink (sport drink or fruit juice and water mix) - dehydration can be a concern during long table-tennis sessions

We believe that you have read and understood the mission and Rules of the Club before joining. We have stressed the use of video-based analysis which have helped us over the period of the club's existence in winning tournaments and we hope to improve the facility as we progress