1 hour 10 minute Quality coaching at an affordable price for a small group of max 6 players to ensure maximum attention to detail - available at a rate of £10 per head.

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These pre booked sessions work on the basis that any number from a maximum of 6 players and a minimum of 2 players is necessary for the session to take place and the understanding is that whenever there is a shortfall in participants i.e. less than 6 players then the  remaining participants need to make up the balance. Click here for next shared coaching session, Please bear in mind a one2one session with a quality professional coach is approx. £30 per hour therefore the fee payable will never exceed £30, however, will range from the minimum required £10 to the maximum £30 in the event of the session being undersubscribed.  

The sessions will run concurrently alongside free group coaching (numbers in excess of 30 participants). The small group quality coaching objective is to provide a fast track knowledge base that will accelerate your rate of improvement.

Who should attend?

*The coaching is suitable for any one from age 6 and above.

* Beginners up to advance to have fun, make friends while they learn

*Local league or competition players and want to win more points in matches.

*Players who have played table tennis for several years at a high standard but want to fine tune technique or start again

*You will receive pure coaching from experience table tennis player / coaches

 The coaching will be fun, energetic and great way for you to improve your table tennis skills.

Table Tennis Coaching for All Players

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What to expect.

This coaching session is for experienced and in experience table tennis players who would like to enhance their skill level, fine tune their technique and win more points in matches. through a combination of demonstrations, training drills, multi-ball activities and one 2 one  advice, our coaches will help improve several aspects of your game, including progressive report and:

How positive, negative, Psychology, unforced error affects your game.


  • Forehand / backhand loop
  • Counter Topspin (Counter drive) (Re-loop) (on & off Table) (Technique)
  • Spin variation
  • Adjusting to spin variation
  • 3rd and 5th ball attack
  • Pushing, blocking and chopping
  • Footwork
  • Service and receiving
  • Match tactics
  • Physical exercise
  • Video base analysis when needed
  • Multi ball
  • Train with our robot training machine

Shared coaching. Pay by paypal here

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