Membership / Fees £7 per session

Dear all participants @ Dulwich Table Tennis Club.

Important Club update to club user.

We are changing the way you pay for the service we render to you from September 2019. You will have the option to pay for membership (£90 per term 12 sessions) or pay as you play (£10)

All membership / pay as you play inclusive of free shared coaching for 1hr 30min

From September 2019 Membership / pay as you play is changing click here

To all new participants looking to visit the club and play, you need to get your one off membership / club entry pass (No contract) then Pay by paypal or click here to pay direct into club account. There is free coaching to progress every 1st and last week of the month (Except otherwise)

Join us here and get your one off membership / club entry pass, turn up and play.

Dulwich Table Tennis club is fun Club for all ages at any level, from an absolute beginner to grand champion!

Please check us on youtube here for evidence of our achievements, so come along to play and meet new people who enjoy table tennis!!!

Membership / Pay as You Play pay Session for Adult & Junior is £7, this can be paid at the club on your arrival, online, by pay pal or into the club account provided

Click here to pay direct into club account