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Pay as you play


There is one off £10 admin Joining fee payable to (pay as you play members only) first session is free after joining fee as been paid from the day you join the club then £5.00 thereafter each time you visit the club. All participants, club users and members are required to register on line here. Monthly subscribers are excluded from paying £10 joining fee.



You don't have to be a full monthly subscriber member to attend Dulwich Table Tennis Club. You can just turn up and pay as you play member. However, if you are planning to attend regularly every week you can save money All participants, club users or members are required to register on line here. Monthly subscribers are excluded from paying £10 joining fee.

Click picture to view club kits

Place your club track suit, t shirt and other club kits at discount price. Please include your size on request. There is 40%,20%,15% for members & club users. £80 regular price See more here.

All Club Kits For Club Users & Members
Stiga Track suit Action Blue



At DTTC  we use combination of trainers at different sessions, working on multiple aspects of the game, aimed at those wishing to have fun, develop their tactics, winning strategies also use of advanced aids, techniques such as multi-ball drills, sometimes  video-based analysis, use of the serving machine (robot) are also employed. Take the advantage now ! save money and Book your coaching session here.

Buy A Bat Or Pimp Your Bat


Buy / Pimp a bat from £31.00 - £151.00 This is where your old bat changes to custom made bat or new bat. Purchase - hire your Table Tennis Equipments for your events from the club or our sponsor’s website here to receive either 15%,20%,40% off stiga product



Dulwich Table Tennis Club are always on podium both National and international competition. Our result shows how much we have been making progress, working hard during the club One 2 One coaching session.

ETTA membership.



Dulwich Table Tennis Club is affiliated to English

Table Tennis Association
. (ETTA)

English Table Tennis Association. (ETTA) is the Governing body to all Table Tennis Club in England. The ETTA are the issuer of all approve coaches licence in England. IMPORTANT:
Be aware all club members and club users will required a valid ETTA membership after you have join Dulwich Table Tennis Club. This is not the club membership. Read more

ETTA Membership. Seniors (18 and Over) per annum - junior

Coaching / Education day


Our club special coaching & Education day is every first and last Saturday of the month. Training camp, coaching & Education day is for table tennis players with or without experience who.... Read more here

Monthly special offers.

Dulwich Table Tennis Club regularly offer discount on Junior coaching sessions and use of venue, you may subscribe to our news letter / email to receive coaching session at discount. Order this card for free and try your first session for £3.50 and £3.50 there after for 10 session only from the first time you attend the club. This card membership will be categorise as Pay as you play member. To receive this new offer, you are advise to request for your card now here or contact us on 0758 424 5552







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About Us

Dulwich Table Tennis Club is a non profit community club in Southwark, South London . More

About joining DTTc

  • Participant are advise to register  before they can be allow to use the facility and you are not subject to any contract.