Personal shared coaching to progress at DTTc with head coach, Abdul Wuraola from May 2023.

Good news: Now active. Book your personal shared coaching to progress with head coach Abdul Wuraola formal England No1 and 2 time six nation champion. (1st week,(6th may) 2nd week,(13th may) 3rd week (20th may) 4th week (27th may) in advance with Abdul Wuraola). This session will be posted in advance priodicaly. Session Time: 1:30 – 3pm. Duration 1hr.30min depending on numbers of participants. Note: if less than 8 participants, the session will be one hour. Book here The coach will not allow last minute applicant once its 12 midnight (closing day and time Friday 12 midnight every week once announced) in advance to plan the session. Abdul need to know how many participants paticipating. Book your session on coaching to progress and pay for your session in advance to guarantee your place. NOTE: If you cannot make the week in question, it will be transferred to your preferred week. The performance Director of sports and head coach, Abdul Wuraola. ( View all videos here has represented England on many occasions winning many tournaments including the National Championships as well as  twice Six Nations champion Title. He has a good understanding of the game and what is required to realise potential.

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