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Weekend Membership from September 2019 £90 for 12 sessions

(Free Shared group coaching included)  (Saturdays, Club open 1 - 5pm) 

This 12-session subscription (£90 per 12 season) will entitle you to our weekly open session on Saturday afternoons, with bi-weekly shared coaching.

Tuesday Weekday Membership £70 for 12 sessions

 (Free Shared coaching included)  (Tuesdays, club open 7 - 10pm)

 This 12-session subscription (£70 per 12 season) will entitle you to our weekly open session on Tuesday evenings.

Hall opens (7pm – 10pm)

Members agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of the Sports Club. Failure to do so may result in the suspension or termination of membership. Our pay as you play is £10 per session

The club does not provide balls and bat; Members must carry their bats and balls at all times when visiting the Sports Club. There is a fee of £1.00 non refundable for renting a bat, and ball can be yours for 0.50p.


No Joining Fee. 
The pay as you play fee payment is payable either on arrival, by pay pal, direct to bank account provided on our web site. 

Club Coaching

From September 2019, Club free shared coaching will take place every other Saturday from 2 - 3.30pm One week on One week off), hall open (1pm – 5pm)

Updates/ reminders will be sent to the Club’s WhatsApp group or on whats on page on the website.

Tournament player’s note:

There is coaching and admin fee charge for each tournament played outside the club.

National tournament (£10 per day)

International tournament (£15 per day)

Dress Code to represent the club :

Club Kits (Full Club Track suit top and bottom plus, T shirt now on sale £60 this allow you to play in 1,2,3,4,star tournament and we aim to get you onto England ranking) 

T shirt only £15 allow you to play in none ranking tournament.

No white please.

Membership prices are subject to change at any time. The annual review will normally take place in July and prices update. 

Members will be informed of any changes at least fourteen days prior to implementation.
There is no minimum term contract to all participants.

Cancellation of any bookable activities within 24 hours of the scheduled start time may result in a cancellation charge. This also applies to no-shows.
The Club reserves the right to close some or all of the facilities for Public Holidays, for periods of maintenance work, or for occasional special events and ample notice will be given wherever possible.

For safety reasons Children must come with drink and will not allow leaving the Playing Visibility without reasonable Reason (Refer to Club rules)

Club Rules are listed separately on Club Web site. Once a Membership form is filled, Members has agreed to abide by the Club Rules at all times and to cooperate with the reasonable requests and instructions of Club staff. Dulwich Table Tennis Club

Club mission

1)    At all times, members and visitors must follow the instructions of committee members and coaches acting on behalf of the club.

2) Do not use any foul, offensive, inappropriate or abusive language at any time.

3) Absolutely no racist/prejudiced remarks (this will result in permanent exclusion from the club)

4) In the event of a player feeling unwell or hurting themselves, they should report immediately to the coach in charge.

5) Players must not jump over the barriers to prevent accident.

6) Junior members must never leave the playing area without the coach's permission. After a second warning, offending members will be suspended for two weeks. After fourth warning they will be suspended for four additional weeks. Subscription payments for lost playing time are not refundable under these circumstances.

7) When the ball is in play no use of mobiles, video-games MP3 players etc during the session, except with permission from the coach in charge.

8) No kicking or hitting tables with bats or anything else. Do not throw object, hit balls at one another.

9) No name-calling, mocking or any physical or verbal bullying will be tolerated.

1    No stealing. No violent disorder. No player should take or interfere with another person’s property or belongings.  Any incidents of this kind will be reported to the police.

11 During each session participants should help with supervision, set up and set down equipment.

12 All participants MUST sign in; warm up before practicing / playing. White tops, School shoes and jeans will not be allowed. You will ask to leave the playing area if you fail to comply with the rules.


      Parent/ guardian/ career must understands that your son / daughter / child will be required to abide by th    club rules and codes of conducts, the club is not responsible for any accident, and that in the event of ancident inci  club will take reasonable steps to use the emergency contacts information you have provided on the registration form.


      Also understand and agree that our sports coaches/staff Dulwich Table Tennis Club personnel will take every precaution to ensure that accidents do not happen, they cannot necessarily be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered by my child.

15 During practice, each point is to be taken seriously as if in a match situation, with no chatting while the ball is in play. Always do your best in every situation and set a positive example to others.

1  Club kits are required to play / represent the club in tournaments. No player is allowed to play tournament without prior consent from the club. (You need to use contact us form to request for permission)

1   Always respect your opponents and never underestimate them.

18 Participant must register before they can be allowed to access the facility; you are not subject to contract.

1   Serious breaches of these rules may result in a period of exclusion from the club. I understand and agree it is not the club responsibility if any child breaches the club rules and such child may be excluded from coming to the club activity until he or she comply with the club rules.

2   The club allows players, participant in tournaments. Player will need to sick consent from the club before taking part in any tournament outside the club environment. Serious breaches of these rules above may result in a period of exclusion from the club.   

We believe that you have read and understood the mission and Rules of the Club before joining us,

      We  have stressed the use of video-based analysis which has helped us over the period of the club's existence in winning tournaments and we hope to improve the facility as we progress. Once you submit the form; you have agreed to abide by rules of the club.

     if you have any concern, please notify one of the coaches; do not keep quiet, we are here to help.